Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Texas Tax Back? Texas Tax Back is a private agency for the State of Texas. TTB will process the necessary paperwork in order for the store to reimburse your sales tax on unused/unworn merchandise. You are required to export the merchandise with you.

Who qualifies for this service and what are the requirements? This service is only for international tourists, and the requirements vary according to the way the merchandise is being exported.

If you are missing general / additional requirements, we cannot begin the process. General Requirements: Merchandise not used / worn, Passport, 1-94 or equivalent, Credit Cards for verification and; all documents must be valid, current and up to date. All documents need to correspond with the customer’s signature.

Additional Requirements
  • flight ticket or a print out of the itinerary with reservation number and connecting flights information.
  • Valid I-95 or Flight plan.
  • Badge
  • Valid I-94 or equivalent.
  • Flight plan with customer’s departure information and tail number.
  • Official departure plan with customer departure information or valid I-95 with name of the vessel.

You will receive your refund immediately in CASH for purchases with the majority of our participating retailers. For a few retailers you will get a credit card refund made to a VISA or MasterCard within 3 months. Please refer to our Participating Retailer list.

You have 6 months after you came to our office, so we can investigate the status of the refund.

The commission fee can be paid in cash, travelers check, or personal check with a US account.

Please refer to the list. If you see that one store is not listed, you may ask the store manager to participate in the program.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

Some stores require for the customer to return to the same location, and collect the tax refund after 7 days of your departure date. In addition, others require the customer to present an ID to cash the manifest in 3 months or one year from the date of sale.

  • We only accept receipts from purchases made in the last 30 days from your departure date. In addition, the receipts need to be from participating stores, and only the card holder is the one who can make the claim. Receipts paid in cash can not be accepted If they are under another person’s name.
  • For some stores, credit card transactions require the voucher.
  • You can accumulate receipts of one single location and have a minimum of $12.00 in tax.
  • The receipts cannot have a US address.
  • The receipts must be paid in full.
  • The receipts must be fully itemized (store name, tax, total, date of sale, etc).
  • The receipts cannot have marks that can imply returns.
  • Exchange receipts must have the original transaction receipt.
  • The receipts of purchases made by phone or internet are not accepted.
Note: Duplicates, reprints or electronic journal receipts are not accepted.

  • Please finalize your purchases to process your receipts all at one time during the end of your trip.
  • All the receipts are retained, and we can NOT provide photocopies.
  • Texas Tax Back is not responsible for items left or lost in the office.

Some rules may change without notice.